2014 FAHS Reunion Attendees in San Diego

This list is subject to change. Updated: 11/17/2014

So far the total number of FHS alumni attendees
      (Including Probables)  --  69

And the number of spouses and/or guests
      (Including Probables)   --
The total number of San Diego attendees
      (Including Probables)  --

Note 1: Spouses listed may also be FHS alumni and counted as such.

Note 2: To be counted as an attendee, you must register with Janet Heidorn or have her verify that you will be an attendee.

Note 3: First Time Alumni Reunion Attendees are entered in RED!

FAHS Last Name
First Name
Married Name
  Spouse, Family, Friends
Class of 63
 Goldenberg  Marc    
 Mayers  Ann    
 Morrison  Marcia    
 Rankin  Mike    
 Von Hellens  Rolf    
Class of 64
 Bailey  Honor  Wiggins  Ed Wiggins '64
 Booth  Barbara  Benson  Frank
 Brady  Susan  Ventura  Tom
 Chalsma  Jim    Shirley Clark '64
 Childers  Bill    Sally
 Clark  Gwyn  Robson  
 Clark  Shirley    Jim Chalsma '64
 Durgan  Harlin    Diana
 Fadden  Art    Darlene
 Fitzgerald  Liz  Crissey  
 Flowers  Earnie    
 Follas  Terry    Sharon
 Forse  Kathleen    
 Fullenkamp  John    
 Hendrickson  Peggy  McGough  Walt
 Irvine  Bill    Pam
 Kerwin  Bruce    Marge
 Lapin  Ken    
 Lippy  Tom    Sue
 McGourty  Gerry    Felicity
 Metcalf  Terry    
 Miller  Sharon  Nilmeir-Spencer  Bill
 Ogle  David    Clara
 Scanlon  Don    Sheila  (Both will possibly cancel)
 Schloss  Fred    Ellen
 Thompson  Jerry    Sandy Lane
 Turnage  Sue  Hilbert  
 Wiggins  Ed    Honor Bailey Wiggins '64
 Wisenbaker  Bob    Rebecca Black
Class of 65
 Allen  Helga  Robbins  Son Guy Cognet and Chiquita Miller
 Bartelt  Dick    Diane
 Begg  Bob    
 Burns  Tom    Camille (Wed-Fri Only)
 Chalsma  Nancy    
 Corbin  Hal    Leanne (Honorary Eaglet)
 Crosby  Donna  Kidwell  Richard
 Dwight  Diana  Miles  Gordon
 Franklin  Mary Margaret  Arciuolo  
 Gallaway  Jan  Sawyer  
 Klaveness  Tinet  Crowell  Charles
 Lopez  John "Speedy"    Penny
 May  Tony    Frances
 Motson  Barbara  Leiser  
 Ratcliff  Dave    
 Ruehle  Irene  Ottersbach  
 Sams  Gary    
 Skelton  Terry    
 Smith  Helen  Sparks  Patrick Flynn
 Surkin  Janet  Heidorn  
 Young  Ron    Kristin
Class of 66
 Atkinson  Alice  Malton  
 Baxter  Laura    
 Benton  Frank    
 Bepko  Bobby    Robin
 Bisbee  Cheryl  Todd  Michael
 Danko  Carol    John Sandidge '66 and Sister Kathy Cotton
 Flores  Elanor  Demasco  Joe and Sister Henrietta
 Kellond  Judy  Bader  
 Kettlewell  Linda  Blinde  
 Manley  Dan    Lucia
 Nava  Mauro  Melissa
 O'Connor  Danny    Gerry
 Sandidge  John    Carol Danko '66
 Usher  Barbara  Donato  Vince
Class of 67
  Probable Attendees    
San Diego
Not Yet FHS Registered

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