Attendees of the 2012 FAHS Reunion in Portland

This list is subject to change. Updated: 11/12/2012

So far the total number of FHS attendees
(Including Probables)  --  44

And the number of spouses and/or guests
(Including Probables)   --
The total number of Portland attendees
(Including Probables)  --

Note: Spouses listed may also be FHS alumni and counted as such.

FAHS Last Name
First Name
Married Name
  Spouse, Family, Friends
Class of 63
Leftwich Bob    
Morrison Marcia    
Rankin Mike    
Spencer Marshall   Cynthia
Class of 64
Durgin Harlan   Dianna
Follas Terry    
Fullenkamp John    
Kerwin Bruce    
McDougall Dennis   Joyce Moore
Schloss Fred    
Turnage Sue Hilbert Joe Yount
Wisenbaker Bob    
Class of 65
Bartelt Dick    
Becker Don (B.J.)    
Becker Peggy  Pete'  
Begg Bob    
Burns Tom   Camille
Chalsma Nancy Brashears  
Corbin Hal   Leanne
Honorary '65
  Leanne Corbin Honorary "Eaglette"
Lopez John "Speedy"   Penny
Miles Diana Dwight Gordon
Moore Joyce McDougall Dennis McDougall
Motson Barbara Leiser  
Ratcliff Dave
Ruehle Irene Ottersbach  
Sams Gary   Son: Travis
Surkin Janet Heidorn  
Thurman Gregg   Donna Weimorts
Willett Al   Donna Sills Willett
Class of 66
Bates Kathy Johnson  
Benton Frank
Correa Bill Linda Kay
Latorre John    
Miller Nancy Brachbill  
Kellond Judy Bader  
Kettlewell Linda Blinde  
Milstead Sue Murphy  
O'Connor Danny Gerry
Sills Donna Willett Al Willet
Thurman Kim    
Class of 67
Miller Diana Daggett  Mother
Not Yet FHS Registered
Downs Steve    
Gallaway Jan Sawyer  
Gallaway Barbara